• Learn To Cook An Authentic Earth Cooked Māori Hāngi!

    Discover The Art Of Cooking Below The Earth In An Ancient Māori Culinary Ritual That Has Been Passed Through The Generations. Get A Real Taste Of Māori New Zealand As We Share Our Customs, Our History And Our Food In This Exclusive Cultural Encounter.

  • Toi Moko Exclusive Authentic Māori Tattoo Experience

    We Get You Deep Inside The Culture In This Personal & Moving Experience That Will Connect You Forever To Our Land, Our Traditions And Our People. If You Are A Soul-Searching Traveller Seeking The Ultimate NZ Souvenir, Toi Moko Is The Only Experience For You.

  • Catch NATIV ConnectioNZ On Maori TV’s Pumanawa Series!

    The Weather Was Mint, The Fish Were Biting & We Did Our Best To Put On The Rest! Click On The Link Above For An Entertaining Insight Into NATIVConnectioNZ’s Unique Range Of Exclusive Maori Experiences In The Heart Of New Zealand’s Sunshine Capital.

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